Kao Soi wants to introduce London food lovers to the flavors of Northern Thailand.

        We serve dishes that are hard to find on the menus of many mainstream Thai restaurants but can often be found on the side of the road in Chiang Mai, at the crossroads of Southeast Asia.

        We hunt hard for the freshest, most authentic ingredients and our search pays off in the dishes we serve you. The vegetables are crisp, the meat the highest quality, and the spices sing.

        Our goal is to cook dishes that are elegant enough that they would be welcomed at a white table cloth restaurant but to serve them where anyone can eat them at a reasonable price.  In markets, at festivals, or at dinner parties.

        (Yes, we do catering.) The Kao Soi team looks forward to meeting you in person. To find our next event click on EVENTS or if you want us to cater a party just CONTACT US

Omelet Cha-Om
Stir fried ant's eggs
Raw Shrimp Marinated in Fish Sauce
Yam Taley (Seafood Salad)
Kao Soi
Cockles with hot chilli sauce
Squid salad
Mixed vegetable stir fried
Pad Kra Pow Gai
Carved Watermelon
Nam Prik (Dipping chilli sauce)
Som Tam Poo ( papaya salad)
Kao Yam
Hung Lay ( Northern style stew)
Rose apple
Sour pork salad
Northern Thai Style curry
Kao Yam
Stir fried Bok Choy with salted fish
Roasted duck Noodle soup
Som Tam Esan style
Grilled whole fish
Grilled Chiang Mai Sausages
Cha Om with Anchovy
Mixed Seafood salad
Crispy Morning Glory salad
Thai Pomolo
Northern style Laab
Japanese Creape
Grilled whole snakehead fish
Thai Style Som Tam
Jasmin wreath
Northern Thai style noodle
Crispy baby octopus
Fresh water shrimp salad
Star fruits
Northern style Som Tam
Kao Man Gai
Beef Noodle soup
Meat Balls Noodle soup
Seafood Noodle soup( Yen Ta Four)
Lemongrass salald
Grilled Esan Sausages
Chicken Satay
Grilled Beef Salad