Kao Soi’s Vision


Lar Pranorm Wheeler

       Lar Wheeler was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Street food was everywhere in her village and her city.

Street food was on the roadside, in the markets, and

the small streets called “sois.” Street food was, and still

is, for everyone, from farmers to doctors. There is such

a variety of Thai street food and it is so cheap that Thais

often don’t bother cooking. Street food is naturally

healthy because Thailand is a very agricultural country

with lots of fruits and vegetables. Street food is simple

with lots of flavors but no chemicals.

       But when Thais go out to eat at the Thai restaurants around the world, in London, New York, or other cities, a lot of the items on the menu are the same. They do not reflect the variety that Thais can find on the streets of their country.

       Working with friends back in Thailand, Lar Wheeler searched through the street food in Thailand for ideas, from the South to the North, from the beaches to the mountains.

       She tried to take a few of the best dishes and adapt them to international tastes without losing the full flavor and the spices of Thailand.  These dishes are the menu of Kao Soi. Many people know Thai food and are attracted to it. We think they will try Kao Soi and they will be pleasantly surprised because it will be Thai food with a new twist. 

       Another feature of Thai culture is the smile. Tourists call it the “land of a thousand smiles.” Thais believe smiles are an important way to communicate, and they are a calm, courteous people.

       So Kao Soi will be full-flavored, rich Thai food served on the streets, in the markets and in the homes of London with a smile.